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Prague | Day 1

I start my journey to Prague with a lot of different opinions about the city, some people ensure me that it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, others are telling me that it’s “nothing special”.

What I find once arrived, it’s a fascinating city, a bridge between East and West, where you can find traces of so many different historical periods.

Staré Město

We arrive in the evening, and we decide to start our itinerary from Staré Město, the Old Town of Prague, a grid of narrow streets, directed towards the Old Town Square.

The square hosts some of the main buildings of the capital: the St. Nicholas Church, the Church of Our Lady before Týn and the Old Town Hall, with the famous Prague Orloj, a medieval astronomical clock that is still perfectly working.

At the stroke of every hour, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., there’s a big gathering of people below the clock, to see it getting “alive”: from the little doors, in fact, it starts procession of small wood statues, representing the 12 apostles.

Another surprising building is Church of Our Lady before Týn, designed in an amazing Gothic style, that is unfortunately nearly impossible to enjoy, because of the surrounding palaces, that are built around it, some of them also directly on the walls. The only way to admire it, it’s from a consistent distance, or from the top of the other buildings of the square.

We decide, at this point, to visit the Old Town Hall, to reach the top of its tower and admire the city from above.

What we see once we reach the top it’s a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. We can see the Castle and Charles Bridge, that we will visit the next day, the newest part of the city and the entire square from above.

When the sun goes down, everything is even more beautiful, with the magic of the lights and the city that keeps on moving.

Mytip: food

Restaurace Mincovna is a Czech cuisine restaurant that overlooks the Old Town Square. They present traditional food with a modern twist.

The atmosphere is inspired to the local breweries, but the dishes are a perfect combination of flavors with great attention to the presentation.

We tried a lot of different things: the local sausages selection, the pork knuckle, the knedliky.

But my favorite was for sure the beef round shoulder with traditional creamy sauce, marinated cranberries and Carlsbad dumplings, a traditional side made with stale bread and eggs.

Address: Staroměstské náměstí 930/7 |Praha 1 – Staré Město


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