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Edinburgh – Day 2

Second day in Edinburgh, second itinerary. We are going to discover the newest part of the town and some less touristic areas, that are simply amazing.

New Town

The New Town is a more “recent” part of the city, built between the XVIII and XIX century, it’s considered a masterpiece of the Georgian architecture and it’s really incredible seeing how everything is still in line with that historical period.

Our tour begins with Princess Street, that divides the city in two part. There we can find the famous Scott Monument, one of the symbols of Edinburg.

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After that, we continue our tour on Rose Street, arriving to Charlotte Square, every step feels like a step in the XIX century: a walk in the history.

Interesting fact

Both the Old and New town of Edinburgh are UNESCO world heritage sites.

Dean Village

“Now we are going to Dean Village, only few people know it, but I’m sure you’ll like it”

With these words we get away from the center, moving to east. It’s only a ten minutes walk and it doesn’t seam to be in the city anymore.

You reach these small “village” that seams to be part of a fairy tale.

Small houses, a river and a castle that seams the one from the Disney movies.

The feeling is to be in the nature, away from everything. The place is so quiet that you forget to be in Edinburgh.

Mytip: food

If you find yourself in Edinburgh on Sunday, a must-go is for sure the Stockbridge Market: a small market that brings together the local products and handicraft, with several street food stands from all over the world.

Address: Saunders Street EH3 6TQ – Edimburgo

(Every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m)

Website: www.stockbridgemarket.com/stockbridge

National Museum

In the afternoon, we decide to visit the National Museum, an organization with the objective to make the past and present of Scotland accessible to eveyone.

From the dinosaurs, to the history of Queen Mary, to the famous Dolly the sheep. Going through the technological innovation of the human history: form the wheel to the mobile phone.

Website: https://www.nms.ac.uk/

Mytip: food

The best way to say goodbye to Edinburgh? Bread Meats Bread

Here, in addition to spectacular hamburgers, you can try the poutine, a Canadian dish made by fries, cheese and gravy sauce: simply amazing.

A must-try is for sure the Cali Burger, available with 2, 3 and even 4 patties.

Address: 92 Lothian Road – Edinburgh

Website: www.breadmeatsbread.com

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