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Edinburgh – Day 1

I arrive in Edinburgh, I get off the plane, I take the tram to the city and during the journey the only thing I can think is “WOW”. To me, this city was a surprise from the first to the last second.

Here is my itinerary:

Old Town

We start our tour from the Old Town, which is the oldest part of the city.

The first stop is a real reference point for all Potterheads: The Elephant House.

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J.K. Rowling spent entire days in this place, writing her masterpieces sitting upstairs, taking inspiration from the city. The window she used to sit at overlooks the ancient Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery, on whose tombs we can find names like “Thomas Riddell”, “W. McGonagall” or “E. Moodie “, and on the George Heriot’s School, on which she drew inspiration for Hogwarts school.

Continuing with the places that inspired Harry Potter we moved to Victoria Street, the inspiration for Diagon Alley, where you really feel like being part of a magical world.

To complete our tour in the Old Town we reached the Royal Mile, that connects the Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The Edinburgh Castle is located on the Castle Rock, from which it dominates the whole city. The perfect moment to admire the fortress is certainly just before sunset, when it is illuminated by golden light. The spot for the perfect picture? Grassmarket Square.

Along the Royal Mile at a certain point we find ourselves in front of a building with a very special story. The World’s End, is an old town pub dating back to the 16th century, when the city was fortified. This pub was the last one just before the gates of the city and, for the citizens of Edinburgh, the world ended right at that point.

At the other end of the Royal Mile we find the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of Her Majesty in Scotland. However, the royal family rarely spends time in this residence, which is always open to the public. (www.rct.uk/visit/palace-of-holyroodhouse)

Calton Hill

After the tour in the Old Town, it’s already sunset time, the perfect time for Calton Hill, the most famous hill in Edinburgh, from which you have a perfect view both on the city and on the North Sea.

Seing sunset from there is truly magical, once you get on the hill it seems like everything stops, the noises of the city disappear, people walk a bit slower and begin to whisper, as if they don’t want to interrupt the moment.

On one side, the city with its lights, cars going fast, grey buildings, on the other the calm of the North Sea.

Mytip: food

Inside Royal Mc Gregor you can really feel the Scottish pub culture.

It’s the perfect place to try local cuisine, starting with “Haggis, Tatties & Neeps”, a typical dish made of potatoes (tatties), turnips (neeps) and of course the famous haggis.

I also recommend to indulge into the Steak & Ale Pie Prime.

Address: 154 High Street, Edinburgh

Website: www.royalmcgregor.co.uk

Special thanks to Eugenio for hosting me and showing me this amazing city ❤ 
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