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Amsterdam [Part 1]

Memories from Amsterdam? Tranquility, a sense of peace, silence and happiness that seems impossible even to imagine in a European capital.

Here is my 4 days itinerary with a lot of tips and interesting facts:

Day 1

We arrive in Amsterdam in the afternoon,  just a few minutes at the hotel to leave our luggage and we are already between the canals.
First obligatory stop: food, and not just food but Dutch food. Vleminckx sells what are considered by many to be the oldest and most delicious chips in the city, since 1887! After having tasted them I can say that I don’t know if they are the best in Amsterdam, but the best of my life surely yes. The most incredible thing is that despite being thick enough they remain incredibly crispy. You choose the size and the sauce, the curry one is very good, but the sauce number 1, which is not by chance called “fries sauce”, it’s the best.

We chose to spend our first hours in Amsterdam visiting the city center, starting from Klaverstraat, which is practically an open-air shopping center, Dam Square, the main square of Amsterdam and ancient Royal Palace.
From there we reach the beautiful central station to buy our tickets for the public transports.

Mytip: transports

Although Amsterdam is famous for the bicycles and it’s very nice to rent one for a few hours, I found it more useful and convenient to choose a multi-day card for public transport.
The cards can be purchased in the info points of the GVB transport company (here you can find addresses and opening hours) and are valid for one or more days on all buses, trams, city metro.

Here are the rates:

  • 24h       € 7,50
  • 48h       € 12,50
  • 72h       € 17,50
  • 96h       € 22,50
  • 120h     € 27,50
  • 144h     € 31,50
  • 168h     € 34,50

These tickets are not valid for the journey to and from the airport which can be done by train or bus depending on the location of your hotel. In our case we used the bus number 397  (10€ – return ticket)

Leaving the station, we stop a little bit to admire the unique beauty of houses and canals.

Do you know why the houses in Amsterdam are so tall and tilted forward? Well, according to what a guide told us, in the past in Amsterdam you paid for the actual land occupied by your house, so it was much cheaper to have a high and narrow house than a low and wide one. In addition, to transport the objects to the upper floors, pulleys were used and the inclination of the house was necessary to prevent objects from breaking windows.

The perfect end for the fist day in Amsterdam is only one: a typical Dutch dinner.

Mytip: food

Haesje Claes is just what we were looking for: a typical Dutch restaurant, where you can really breathe the tradition.
Inside, in fact, the wooden walls, the decorated windows, the tables and the perfumes takes you to another era. In the summer there are also some nice tables outside all around the restaurant.

The two specialties we definitely recommend are the Hotchpotch Stamppot, a traditional dish made of smashed potatoes and vegetables (in this case carrots and onions), which is served with a stew meatball, bacon and a smoked sausage, and the Pea soup with sausage and bacon, both really among the most delicious typical dishes ever tasted.

Reservation is highly recommended because it is always full, but the atmosphere and the dishes are truly unforgettable.

Website:        Address: Spuistraat 273-275, Amsterdam

After dinner, a little walk along the canals, that at night, with all the lights reflecting in the water, are even more magical.

Day 2

We start the day with an address in mind “Leidsegracht 2“, the goal is to find “the Bench of The Fault in Our Stars”. For those who had not seen the film here is the link to see the scene and once arrived there the writings left by the fans leave no doubt.

Mytip: food

PANCAKES Amsterdam is the perfect place to try the Dutch Pancakes, which, unlike the American ones, are flat, thin, crèpe-like pancakes.
You can order both sweet and savory pancakes, Dutch or American, from the menu or choosing the toppings you like.
We have chosen two Dutch Pancakes, one with apples and maple syrup and the other with cream, almonds and raspberry sauce. Yummy!



  • PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ – Steiger 10, Amsterdam
  • PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal – Prins Hendrikkade 48, Amsterdam
  • PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt – Prinsengracht 277, Amsterdam
  • PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes – Berenstraat 38,  Amsterdam

After this full refill of sweetness, we visit the FOAM Museum (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam) which hosts several exhibitions of photography and then we head to the Albert Cuyp Market, in De Pijp district, that is basically an entire street full of souvenir stalls, street food, flowers and much more.

The rainy weather lead us to search for sheltered place to protect ourselves from the rain, but after few minutes incredibly the sun comes out and we manage to get to the famous Bloemenmarkt, the floating flower market.

I absolutely have to thank Amsterdam’s incredible climate because this market is unique: an endless line of little flower shops floating on the edge of the canal, inside thousands of tulips of every color.

The time to admire all the little shops and write a postcard and it’s already time to move: we have a tour to do at the Heineken!

The Heineken Experience is an interactive tour of the original brewery. Different types of tickets are available starting from the classic “Heineken Tour” which includes only the entry to the combined ones.

We have chosen the “Rock the City” which includes: Heineken Experience, cruise on the canals from the brewery to the A’Dam Lookout skyscraper and the entrance to the skyscraper. Everything perfectly organized, with really good timing: an amazing way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

Mytip: tickets

Most of the city’s museums and attractions tickets can be purchased online in advance, skipping queues.
All the Heineken tickets are available on their website an the Rock the City is really convenient as it includes 3 attractions for 30 euros.
For the Van Gogh museum, in particular, the online ticket is practically mandatory because only a limited number of tickets are available for each time slot.

Here all links for the tickets I’ve purchased online:


Van Gogh Museum:


Heineken Experience:

15.30 pm, the tour begins. What can I say, congratulations to the Heineken!

One of the best organized tours I’ve ever been on, interesting and engaging, never boring and very interactive, so many things to touch, do, smell and so many digital memories to take home. Everything explained in a very clear English the staff, who really express passion for this project.

After a few moments of rest at the beautiful underground bar of the structure with the two beers included in the package, it’s time to start our cruise on the canals.

The cruise is simply amazing, perfect to observe the city from another point of view, while listening to interesting curiosities of the guide on board, which is part of the Heineken staff, too.

At 18.30 we cross the canal that separates the central station from the northern area Amsterdam on which stands the A’Dam Tower, a super modern skyscraper, which, together with various offices and design studios, hosts two panoramic restaurants and a terrace with a 360 ° view on the city.

The terrace on the top is called A’Dam Lookout, and there you can find the Europe’s highest swing!
What can I say, an experience you definitely have to do in Amsterdam!
Tickets can be purchased directly there (€ 5), usually there’s a short wait, and after that you swing on the edge of the skyscraper, directly above the city. At the golden hour, it’s literally a dream.
Those at the A’DAM Lookout were the most relaxing moments of the whole vacation. Sun, breeze, music and a spectacular panorama.

Mytip: foodFor dinner we chose The Butcher, its new Social Club is located right under the A’Dam Tower.

Simply incredible burgers and a beautiful social atmosphere!

It’s practically an urban style lounge, with a central bar, a ping pong table, music and great food. It’s open every day from 8 am until after midnight and Friday and Saturday 24/24 “All bloody delicious day, all bloody delicious night ”

The burgers are prepared only with selected Aberdeen Angus meat and first choice ingredients: the taste is incredible! For sure among the best burgers ever eaten.


Address: Overhoeksplein, 1 – Amsterdam

(In Amsterdam there are 5 “The Butcher”, you could find everything on the website)

On our way back to the city, Amsterdam surprises us with incredible sunset on the canal: the best ending for the first two days.

The A’Dam Tower – on the top the A’Dam Lookout and the swing

Special thanks to the ones who gave me advices for this trip, I’ve tried to listen to all your suggestions and here above you can read the results

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